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Peak Drift Brewing Company launches sustainable digital can printing program

Peak Drift Brewing Company, South Carolina’s newest award-winning craft beverage company, announces the launch of Peak Press, its new sustainable digital can printing program. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, Peak Drift is taking a significant step forward in promoting sustainability and innovation within the craft beverage industry.

Peak Drift’s newly launched program harnesses the power of its state-of-the-art, 17-ton, high-volume commercial printer to print graphics directly onto cans, making all cans 100% recyclable. Equipped with the cutting-edge Hinterkopf digital can printer, which stands as the only one of its kind in the Southeast, Peak Drift can achieve printing speeds of up to 350 cans per minute, ensuring efficient production.

“Due to the nature of small production runs in the craft beverage industry, many cans are printed with labels or shrink wraps, which unfortunately, are not recyclable,” says Sara Middleton Styles, co-owner of Peak Drift Brewing Company. “Our new printing initiative aligns with our core values of environmental stewardship and customer-centric innovation. We are excited to offer our customers, along with others in the industry, a more sustainable option for craft beverages.”

The launch of this program marks a significant milestone in Peak Drift’s ongoing mission to revolutionize the craft beverage industry. By pioneering eco-friendly printing practices, Peak Drift is now making its printing solutions available to other breweries and special events — with the hopes to expand its reach in the future.

“The best part of this program is that we aren’t limiting this technology just to Peak Drift,” says Jason Snyder, VP of sales and operations at Peak Drift Brewing Company. “Our commitment to sustainable printing goes beyond our own practices. By embracing advanced digital technologies and opening our printing capabilities to others, our hope is to reduce the beverage industry’s environmental footprint, while also encouraging creative and commemorative can design.”

All Peak Drift products moving forward will be printed with this new printer, including the company’s recently launched summer rotating series, which features the Peak Drift Summer Lager, Passionately Sour Ale and Waterfront IPA. Additionally, Peak Drift has started working with local breweries and events to print commemorative cans, including Rosewood Crawfish Festival, the Therapy Place’s Miracles in Motion 5K and Craft, and Draft’s 9th anniversary, among others.

Peak Drift not only prioritizes sustainability, but also seeks to diversify its funding streams through the introduction of the Peak Press program as a new business line. This strategic decision reinforces the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and also enables them to tap into the increasing market demand for sustainable printing solutions within the craft beverage industry.

Peak Drift products are available in restaurants, bars and stores across the Midlands area and at Smoked, which houses Peak Drift’s microbrewery. Peak Drift will continue to expand its products into additional markets this year and beyond.

For more information on Peak Drift, visit

About Peak Drift Brewing Company

Founded in 2021, Peak Drift Brewing Company is an innovative craft beverage company based in Columbia, South Carolina. Capturing life’s peak experiences, Peak Drift features high-quality craft beers, hard seltzers and non-alcoholic beverages inspired by the landscapes of the Southeast region. Peak Drift products can currently be purchased at select bars, restaurants and stores in Columbia, S.C. and at Smoked, a restaurant in the heart of downtown Columbia. Peak Drift’s 64,000+ square-foot brewery and entertainment complex located at 3452 North Main St. is set to open to the public in 2023. For more information, visit

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