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UMG partners with #1 termite bait system, Sentricon

UniComm Media Group (UMG) was recently selected by Corteva Agriscience, a major American agricultural chemical and seed company, to create a Hispanic marketing action plan to advance Sentricon, the number one brand in termite protection, among Hispanic homeowners.

UMG is a full service Hispanic, advertising agency based in Greenville, South Carolina that not only has the data capabilities to detect unique audiences, but also the creative expertise to connect with those audiences.

UMG understands the nuances between different Hispanic market segments, particularly regarding their media consumption and their language preferences. For this project, the agency developed ideas, uncovered insights, and built a marketing plan for Sentricon to connect with Hispanic homeowners in the Miami, Orlando, and Houston markets.

“We are very excited to partner with the leading brand in the pest control industry,” said Ramón Nieves-Lugo, CEO & Principal of UMG. “We know that the pest control industry is a growing market and bringing the Sentricon brand to the Hispanic community is going to be exciting for our team and our client.

Sentricon’s Nicholas Browne stated, “Protecting property within our communities is something we pride ourselves in. We are excited to partner with the team at UMG and continue to help carry that through.”

UMG’s campaign entitled “Take Your House off the Menu” will focus on informing Miami and Houston homeowners of the dangers of termite infestation and the affordable solutions Sentricon has for dealing with the hungry munchers. The campaign will also address common pitfalls of amateur termite handling, and why it’s better to leave taking on termites to the pros!

UMG, based in Greenville, SC, is the first full-service Hispanic marketing, advertising and event management firm in South Carolina. UMG helps companies connect with multicultural audiences through exceptional strategies, effective communications, compelling creative and measurable results. For more information about UMG, visit


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