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SouthLand Properties, Greenville-based residential rental company, launches new website

SouthLand Properties of South Carolina, LLC, a Greenville-based company that specializes in owning, managing, and leasing condominiums and duplexes in quiet, older Greenville neighborhoods, has launched a new website at The new website offers details about each of SouthLand’s rental homes, a look at what makes SouthLand unique among home rental companies, and an opportunity to sign up to receive advance notice of SouthLand’s vacancies.

“Since our first purchase of a duplex just off McDaniel Avenue in the 1960s, we have looked for homes with character, in older established neighborhoods,” Nancy Baldwin, founder and president of SouthLand Properties, said. “Unlike large national property rental companies, we are locally-owned and managed, and all of our properties are privately owned by SouthLand. Over the years we have demonstrated very little turnover with both our tenants and our staff. Our two primary property managers have served at SouthLand for a decade or more, our maintenance and upgrades vendors have worked with us for many years, and of course, I’ve been at this for decades.”

“We are fortunate to have many long-term tenants. As a result we don’t have frequent vacancies but one of the unique things we offer is the opportunity for people to sign up to receive early vacancy alerts on different properties. If you are able to take some time to look for housing, or a relative or friend is moving to Greenville and interested in renting a condominium or duplex from a locally owned, responsive Greenville business, you can sign up at our website to receive early notices. Typically those who sign up for our vacancy alerts can learn about an upcoming property vacancy three to four days before it is posted for lease.”

SouthLand Properties specializes in offering condos and duplexes for rent in quiet, older neighborhoods near downtown Greenville, including McDaniel Avenue, North Main, Augusta and Faris Roads, along with homes off Mauldin Road and South Pleasantburg near ICAR. Over the years, SouthLand has worked to purchase properties that allow a varied range of rental costs. While many of SouthLand’s properties are fine historic properties, others are simpler rentals that feature “just the basics” for homes. The new website may be found at; vacancy alert registration is at


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