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Paveway Express expanding is Greenville site, adding new trucks

Paveway Express recently started an expansion of its Greenville facility at 10 Broadway Street.

The fast-growing trucking company has cleared about an extra acre of land to expand its parking facilities with the long-term goal of adding 10 new trucks in 2023, said Justin Jenkins, owner and president of Paveway Express.

Phase one of the work will be done in November, and the second phase should be complete by April.

“We have been growing rapidly and adding staff and equipment,” Jenkins said. “Part of the reason we purchased this facility was because we knew there was room to grow. We thought that would be more down the road, but down the road has come quicker.”

Jenkins originally wanted to get into waste hauling, but after doing his due diligence, he decided that transportation with an emphasis on the automotive industry was more in line with his skills and abilities. Since its start in February 2017, the company has grown to 25 trucks, 42 employees, and running routes in six states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, and Georgia.

About Paveway Express:

Based out of Greenville, South Carolina, and founded in 2017, Paveway Express offers a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the securement and safe transport of all types of commodities with 24/7 real-time support with GPS tracking. Learn more at


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