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Meals on Wheels releases 2021 Annual Report

Meals on Wheels of Greenville has released its 2021 Annual Report, which highlights efforts made by the organization during the past year to safely and effectively continue their service to the Greenville community. With the support of volunteers, donors, board members, and other community members, Meals on Wheels of Greenville was able to provide 381,000 meals to individuals in Greenville County during 2021.

“In 2021, our team focused on identifying opportunities to advance our core mission of serving #MoreThanMeals and to continue to meet our high standards of excellence,” said Executive Director Catriona Carlisle. “We could not have achieved what we did during a second challenging year without our partners, volunteers, donors and staff working together to serve our community.”

In 2021, Meals on Wheels of Greenville gained more than 690 new clients, resulting in more than 2,600 clients being served over the course of the year. In addition to daily meal delivery, 3,296 emergency meal kits were distributed, and 2,309 holiday gifts were provided to clients. During a year when COVID precautions were still top of mind, nearly 600 new volunteers stepped up to support the cause, and $800,000 of volunteer hours were donated to help provide these resources to the community.

In addition to meal delivery, Meals on Wheels of Greenville partnered with Prisma Health to provide COVID-19 vaccines to homebound clients who were unable to visit a local vaccination site. 53 vaccines were administered to clients during 2021.

Meals on Wheels of Greenville is committed to growing with Greenville. Greenville County has experienced enormous growth over the past decade, but with that comes an increase in food insecurity and decrease of access to healthy foods and other resources. To help address these community needs and excel in client experience, Meals on Wheels of Greenville continues to make updates to its physical facilities, implement new technologies and increase its number of volunteers, with many of those activities planned for 2022.

The full 2021 Annual Report is available online at


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