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How to Change Your Social Media Presence to Attract Top Talent

By: Kamber Parker of The YoPro Know, LLC

Graduation season is right around the corner.

It’s the time for cap and gowns, diplomas, and a whole new round of young graduates ready to dip their toes into the working world and hopefully headed straight to your “help wanted” sign. But, you haven’t been getting a ton of these new and fresh applicants coming down your pipeline. What gives?

Aside from the workplace challenges and unfilled positions we’re seeing today (amidst numerous layoffs), one reason this still might be happening is because your brand does not have a strong presence online. Specifically, your social media channels are not reaching the next generation of leaders.” Social media is an incredibly powerful recruitment tool and we would argue that in the year 2023, it’s one of the most important recruitment tools you can have, particularly if you want to attract young professionals. Your online presence matters when young professionals are vetting your company and your social pages will be one of the very first places they go.

In a recent conversation with a young professional that is currently in the job search process, she told us “I found a company that sounded like a good fit, so I immediately checked out their social media channel and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they highlighted their young professional talent for anniversaries, passing certifications, and other recognitions. It was a great sign for a potential candidate like me.”

Here are some tips to take full advantage of your social media to attract top talent and reach young professionals like the story above:

  • Be active. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it really is essential. If a new grad looking for a job sees that you haven’t posted on your various site in months or that you have an account but don’t post relevant information about your culture and people, it can hurt your brand. You want your social media to stand out, get their attention. Don’t be afraid to utilize the tools at your exposal. Post to your Instagram feed. Share Instagram stories. Introduce your team. Let people ask questions. Show off the work that you do every day. Young people are engaged on social media and they appreciate companies that are engaged on social media as well.

  • Incorporate video content. In other words, meet them where they already are. Young professionals are primarily consuming and digesting video content more than any other type of content. We’re sure you’ve noticed that your Instagram feeds feature primarily reels instead of static posts and that anytime you look at the phone screen of anyone under the age of 25, they’re watching a YouTube vlog or TikTok haul. Even podcasts aren’t just podcasts, they’re recorded on video so young people can watch them. GenZ likes video, so if you’re not using video on your social media channels, it’s time to catch up to them.

  • Be strategic about which platforms you’re using. Not every platform works the same, and each has its own funnel and marketing strategy your team should be incorporating. YouTube and TikTok are the number one platforms among GenZ right now because: videos! If you’re wondering how YouTube still dominates the digital media charts, it’s because it’s true. 88% of the generation is spending time on GenZ, per Later’s report. It’s time to polish off those phone cameras and get comfortable with learning to shoot, produce, and edit more video content for your business. It will pay off, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Young professionals feel connected to companies that show up on social media in many of the same ways they do. While recognizing that all good things take time, rally your team if you’re not doing these action items already and start making changes at your company. We know you will not be disappointed.

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