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Greenville Racial Equity and Economic Mobility (REEMGVL) Commission releases Summary Report

Report outlines recommendations to support a thriving Black community in Greenville County by eradicating race-based disparities

The Greenville Racial Equity and Economic Mobility (REEMGVL) Commission has released its Summary Report to the Community developed from two years of research delving into the inequities across racial groups in Greenville County.

Created by the United Way of Greenville County, Urban League of the Upstate and Greenville Chamber, REEMGVL has identified five focus areas to prioritize:

  • Income and Wealth

  • Criminal Justice

  • Health and Wellness

  • Education and Workforce Development

  • Community-Wide Learning

REEMGVL Commissioners from all backgrounds and disciplines formed committees to address each area and spent hundreds of hours researching, interviewing, and learning about the disparities that exist in the Black community while strategizing how to eliminate them. Each committee made its recommendations and compiled them into this report for public awareness. Along the way, REEMGVL formed community focus groups to better gauge grassroots reactions and gain input from those closest to the work.

REEMGVL tapped Stacey Mills to be executive director in April. Mills, longtime pastor at Mountainview Baptist Church, is leading the charge in bringing action to the recommendations, channeling his passion for building bridges and creating opportunities for success for those in his community.

“Our summary report is important because it is actionable. Not to be filed away, this report will guide our steps toward achieving equal opportunities for economic prosperity for the Black community,” said Mills.

“This work determines the quality of life residents who look like me can enjoy. It is reflective of everyday experiences in neighborhoods and in marketplace interactions. And it speaks to the hope and expectations that parents have for their children.”

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