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Greenville-based STORY working with SESCO and TRS on COVID-19 messaging

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Web design and digital marketing agency STORY will be leading the branding efforts for a joint effort to help curb COVID-19.

The STORY team is in the process of designing and developing a website and implementing strategies for their digital marketing for a partnership between Supermarket Environment Services Co. (SESCO) Thermal Resource Sales, Inc. (TRS).

TRS and SESCO are implementing an air purification technology that uses low voltage and alternating current to produce positive and negative “ionized” molecules that are primarily oxygen in retails business and commercial outlets across the country.

The North Carolina-based SESCO specializes in supermarket and restaurant national accounts, assisting with business packaging and mechanical HVAC equipment and systems sales. Services include criteria engineering, Certified Energy Management (CEM) and commissioning.

TRS provides exclusive representation and sales for manufacturers of commercial and industrial HVAC and plumbing equipment in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. TRS offers comprehensive plumbing and air-side/water-side HVAC and related product lines enable their sales engineers to provide customers with complete quotations for any mechanical project.

“This is an extremely exciting project because it is way for the STORY team to work on a project that can help many people during the pandemic,” said Ben Pettit, founder and CEO of STORY.


STORY is a digital marketing company located in Greenville, South Carolina. A brand and storytelling oriented company, STORY handles all aspects of marketing, especially strategy, identity, web design, photography and videography, digital marketing, paid advertising, and SEO. STORY works with clients large and small and is growing rapidly throughout the Southeast. To learn more, visit

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