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Flipping Tables in Charlotte, Tantrum House Hosts Board Game Convention

Tantrum House, a Greenville-based board game media company, will host a board game convention called “TantrumCon” at the Le Meridien hotel in downtown Charlotte on January 25-28, and yes, they flip some tables!

TantrumCon is a tabletop gaming convention that features learn-to-play events, tournaments, open gaming, great food, prizes, and an exhibitor hall. TantrumCon 2024 already has more than 900 in-person attendees registered. With a library of over 1000 games, attendees will be sure to find old favorites and new adventures.

Con-goers will have numerous opportunities to win free games through prize drawings, special events, and our play-to-win program. TantrumCon will be giving away thousands of dollars in games and promotional items. The convention is also hosting several State Championship tournaments, CATAN National Qualifier tournament, Crokinole, Card game tournaments (Spades, Euchre, and Hearts) and daily table-flipping! One of the biggest programs at TantrumCon is a learn-to-play area with a schedule of hundreds of games available for registered attendees to learn.

Aspiring designers will show off their unpublished games and local artists will display and sell their products. This family-friendly event also has a staffed kids’ game room — the “Treehouse.”

TantrumCon brings board gaming publishers and superstar designers to the Charlotte area. Some guests on the docket include game designers Daryl Andrews, Scott Brady, Danielle Reynolds, and comedian Grant Lyon. Game publisher sponsors include: Keymaster Games, Bezier Games, 25th Century Games, allplay Games, Boardwalk Games (Greenville, SC), Wise Wizard Games, Thunderworks Games, and many other local artists and smaller game producers as listed at

While it is encouraged that people buy badges ahead of time online, TantrumCon allows walk-ins this year to purchase 4-day badges at the door for $85 for adults and $40 for kids.

About Tantrum House

Tantrum House is a board game media group made up of board game lovers, videographers, and designers. Their studios are located in Greenville, South Carolina, and they publish concise, professional quality, video reviews of board games on their YouTube channel (over 35k subscribers). They host monthly game nights at local businesses, design custo

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