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What are the future tech needs for remote working?

By Kevin Wentzel

A staggering 15% of workers have moved to the Upstate in the past two years—and closer to 25% have considered moving in general— in part, because of the technology advancements made during the pandemic to better cater to remote workers.

But the tech businesses rely on will continue to shift as companies invest in continued support for remote teams.

Wireless Connection: devices like laptop computers are transitioning to cellular connectivity instead of just a Wi-Fi connection, enabling people—be they employees or students— to access material and collaborate from even greater distances without being bound to locations like the home or traditional office.

Smart Spaces: w a shift in downsizing physical office spaces, businesses are investing in technology to make what spaces they do have intelligent. Whether it’s smarter security, temperature controlling capabilities, or booking conference rooms, smart offices will grow in 2022.

Remote Security: as workers migrated to the home office, IT teams spent the year trying to fine tune their security practices. Many believe this will continue well into 2022, and enterprises will invest in better connectivity, collaboration, as well as security tools for their remote workers and for peace of mind regarding their overall network security.

Eliminating On-Premise Systems: on-premise, legacy systems might have been the biggest headache for businesses over the last two years. Gaining remote access to a system that lives on a serve in the office slowed workflows, backlogged IT and created security concerns. May businesses have started shifting business-critical systems to the cloud, but this year will be make or break. Those that cannot update to the cloud will start to see their market share slip as they become less competitive with others in their industry.

Kevin Wentzel is the COO of Kopis, a Greenville-based software developer focused on providing high impact software and cloud solutions to businesses and state agencies in the Southeast, Kopis is one of the fastest growing software companies in the state of South Carolina Learn more at


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