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The YoPro Know launches new website and logo

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The YoPro Know has updated its logo and launched a new website to better communicate its services and create engaging experiences for business leaders.

The YoPro Know is an innovative consulting group that is changing the way businesses engage with young professionals. As a young professional herself, founder Kamber Parker has spent her entire career learning the struggles and successes of her peers across the country.

The new website focuses on The YoPro Know’s services that are geared for businesses and companies looking to find the best ways to recruit and retain young talent.

“With help from our research, our work spans across all industries and company sizes, offering businesses customized engagements to maximize their efforts when building their brand to better recruit and retain young professional talent,” Parker said.

The updated site also features scores of blogs about and for young professionals as well as archives of Parker’s fantastic podcast, The Great Retention that looks at the modern workplace.

“When we prepare for the next generation of leaders, we don’t just help our companies become successful. We help our entire workforce,” she said.

About The YoPro Know:

The YoPro Know’s mission is to help businesses develop the future leaders of our workforce through research, education, and recruiting and retention consulting. Based in Greenville, S.C. with a national community, The YoPro Know promotes success in the workplace by being a bridge between ambitious young professionals and progressive businesses who want to recruit, engage and retain the. Learn more at

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