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The Peace Center unveils new project

The Peace Center has long been an iconic downtown landmark and completely changed the downtown arts and theatre landscape. Now, they’re doing it again by AMP-ing up their presence with a newly planned project.

AMP (A Music Project) will transform the Peace Center campus into a fully-functioning, ten-venue art and entertainment campus.

So what does this entail? AMP will repurpose three buildings on the Peace Center campus and will include:

  • The Mockingbird: A 250-capacity listening lounge with a casual, intimate setting for artists and audiences to closely connect.

  • Artist Dorm: A three-bedroom, three-bathroom dorm with a kitchen and lounge area. This “dorm” may be utilized by artists performing in any Peace Center venue and will be particularly attractive to those participating in residencies and week-long engagements.

  • The Studio: A professional podcast and recording studio utilized by the Peace Center to produce original programs and content, by visiting and local artists who wish to rent a professional studio, and as a laboratory for students learning the technical aspects of recording. It will also feature collaboration rooms for writing and education.

  • Coach Music Factory: A 1300-capacity, three-tiered, flat floor music club featuring genres of music ranging from rock, jazz, techno, country, and pop, to rhythm and blues and electronic dance music.

  • Riverwalk and Public Gardens: A perfect complement to the Falls Park experience including patio gardens, subtle landscaping, and a riverwalk running alongside The Wyche.

These plans are anticipated to be complete by or before 2030.

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