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Reedy Reels announces winners from 321 Student Film Festival

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Six high school and college filmmakers took home honors at The 321 Student Film Festival earlier this month.

In the college division, Nadia Dahun’s The 9-5 took home top honors, while Power Chords by Kai Crenshaw was honored with second place. In the high school division, The Rundown by Rhett Drennen took first place honors followed by Rideshare by Shaw Shurley and Post-Pandemic Pedant by Liam Conway were second and third respectively.

The 321 Student Film Festival was held at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities in conjunction with Piedmont Natural Gas Presents Reedy Reels: The Greenville Festival.

A 3-2-1 format is a film that has a maximum of three pages of script, two actors, and one location. The total length cannot exceed five minutes. This contest was only open to all high school and college students in South Carolina. The 321 Student Film Festival is another way that Reedy Reels is helping to grow the region’s independent filmmaking appreciation and development. More than 300 films have been shown over the past eight festivals ranging from shorts to student films to animated movies to full-lengthen features, and a little bit of everything in between. Reedy Reels plans to expand that number to show 60 films during the three-day festival in March 2024.

About The Reedy Reels Film Festival: The Greenville Film Festival:

Piedmont Natural Gas Presents Reedy Reels: The Greenville Festival is an independent film festival promoting the appreciation of the art of film-making while generating support for independent filmmakers in the Upstate. The Reedy Reels Film Festival is a non-profit organization that supports the education and appreciation of filmmaking. Learn more at

About SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities:

Located in Greenville, the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities cultivates young artists from across the state through pre-professional training in the areas of creative writing, dance, drama, music and visual arts. In the public residential high school, students refine their talents in an arts-centered community while receiving a nationally recognized academic education. Summer programs are available to rising 7th-12th grade students. The Governor’s School serves as a resource to all teachers and students in South Carolina, offering comprehensive outreach programs designed to bring together artists, educators, community organizations and schools.


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