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Lima One Capital’s Vinod Thomas named HousingWire Insider

GREENVILLE, S.C.— HousingWire has recognized Vinod Thomas, a managing director with Lima One Capital, as one of the 100 HW Insiders for 2021.

The 2021 HW Insider Award recognizes operational superstars in housing who are driving their companies and clients forward. This year’s winners represent a wide range of occupations within the housing economy, from lending and real estate to fintech. The Insiders were carefully chosen by HousingWire’s selection committee based on their vital and dynamic contributions to their companies and the housing industry as a whole.

Since joining Lima One in 2020, Thomas has led the growth of Lima One’s mortgage servicing team to support the nation’s premiere lender for real estate investors. He has driven technology solutions, the addition of third-party vendors, and enhanced talent acquisition and Lima One’s customer experience to improve the overall workflow and competency of loan servicing at Lima One. The results are obvious in the significant reduction in loan delinquency rates and enhanced Net Promotor Score during the first half of 2021. In addition, Thomas led Lima One’s efforts to become the first business purpose lender to receive an S&P Servicer Rating for single-family rental loans.

In 2021, Thomas was promoted to managing director, providing leadership across the organization. He continues to leverage relationships across the mortgage industry to help Lima One offer customers better service and new opportunities to invest in real estate projects. He also speaks at industry educational events, including most recently at the American Legal and Financial Network’s Answers 2021 Change Agents panel featuring some of the industry’s most influential and recognized mortgage servicing leaders.

“We are appreciative and proud of HousingWire’s recognition of Vinod. Vinod’s significant industry experience and his commitment to excellence has created a high-performance culture within our industry-leading servicing team. He has made an immediate positive impact on the quality of our service and Lima One’s customer experience,” said Jeff Tennyson, Lima One Capital CEO.

About Lima One Capital

Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Lima One Capital, the nation’s premier lender for real estate investors, finances borrowers who are building, improving, and stabilizing neighborhoods across the nation. Lima One’s core loan products are Residential Transition Loans (FixNFlip), a 13-month bridge loan for investors who are buying, renovating, and selling properties; Rental property and portfolio loans for purchasing or refinancing residential rental properties using the best suite of rental loans in the industry; Multifamily bridge lending for the purchase, rehab, or refinance of 5+ unit multifamily properties; and New Construction loans for ground-up construction, in-fill, specs, and model homes. For more information, visit


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