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Greenville woman encourages people to “Grab Life by the Dreams”

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The latest book by Karin Freeland shares her stories in an effort to encourage women to follow their dreams both professionally and personally.

“Grab Life by the Dreams” will be available on September 19, but pre-sales can be done through her website,, starting today. Grab Life by the Dreams pulls from Freeland’s thousands of hours of training and coaching sessions she has led that have helped professionals make the right choices to find better career fulfillment.

The book explores how women find themselves in mental, physical, and personal ruts in their lives, and gives them the steps they need not just to get “unstuck,” but to build tenable paths forward for success.

“As a coach, I always share my story and how I transformed my life,” she said. “That lays the groundwork for my clients to understand why coaching will benefit them and how they will be able to transform their own life.”

A New York native, Freeland packed up her car and drove to Miami to follow her dreams of being an actress and professional dancer just after college. She quickly landed enough roles in movies to pursue acting full-time and live in New York City. However, she pivoted after a few years to a career working in the corporate sector.

Over the next 15 years, she oversaw the creation and launch of global brands through her roles as Chief of Staff to the President of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Head of Demand Generation & Field Marketing for North America at Centrica Business Solutions, and Vice President of Digital GTM and Learning at JS Group. She now runs Karin Freeland Coaching & Consulting LLC in Greenville.

A member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team and a certified Life Reinvention Coach, Freeland helps high-achieving professionals, executives, and business owners achieve the success they desire without sacrificing time with family and friends, their health, or self-care. Freeland also will be doing a book signing on Monday, September 25 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at M. Judson Bookstore, 130 S. Main Street, Greenville.

About Karin Freeland:

Karin Freeland is a certified Life Reinvention Coach focused on helping women transform their lives and achieve their dreams by using the lessons she learned in her 15 years in the corporate sector. Award-winning author of Grab Life by the Dreams and podcast host of Rock Your Reinvention, learn more about her and her company Karin Freeland Coaching & Consulting, LLC at

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