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Greenville Jewish Federation’s garners Rotary grant

GREENVILLE, S.C. –  The Greenville Jewish Federation was one of 14 organizations given community impact grants by the  Rotary Club of Greenville City Center Rotary last week.

The Greenville Jewish Federation creates a sense of community for Jewish residents in the Upstate by creating and supporting programs to further Jewish learning, identity, pride, and culture. It helps meet the challenge of providing for the needs of our Jewish brethren, wherever they may be, from children to young adults to families to seniors, regardless of their religious affiliations.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization by serving on our board, helping plan programs, and giving their time, energy, and expertise to the community. The Greenville Jewish Federation balances available resources against community priorities through a careful and deliberative process.

The Rotary Club of Greenville City Center's Grants Award Ceremony honors group creating positive impact in the community. These grants, raised through their "Lucky 52 Raffle" fundraiser, support organizations their members are passionate about and work closely with.

“We plan to use those funds to continue programming and efforts to connect and unify our community,” said Courtney, the CEO of The Greenville Jewish Federation. “This is a great asset as we build awareness in greater Greenville.” 

About the Greenville Jewish Federation

The Greenville Jewish Federation is a dynamic organization dedicated to serving and strengthening the Jewish community in Greenville and neighboring counties. With a rich history of philanthropy and community building, the Federation works tirelessly to support educational programs, social services, cultural events, and advocacy efforts that promote Jewish values, heritage, and unity.  

To learn more about the Greenville Jewish Federation's initiatives and upcoming programs, visit


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