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DP3 Architects, Ltd. designs Hale’s Jewelers new flagship retail store

A jewelry box must itself have a level of craft and elegance that begins to tell the story of the jewelry it holds. DP3 Architects used this as a driving inspiration for the design of Hale’s Jewelers new flagship retail store.

The building needed to be iconic in its presence and reflect the idea of quality, permanence, and elegance just as a piece of jewelry would. The firm recognized the importance of designing building shapes and spaces that would move from one to the next as smoothly as the second hand of a Rolex watch.

DP3 Architects worked with Owner, Lucian Lee and his team to bring this vision to life. In getting to know Lucian and his business, it was clear that along with a rich iconic history, Hale’s Jewelers had a robust vision for the future. The firm worked to garner every detail surrounding that vision, and then put pen to paper. From rough sketches, to conceptual 3D modeling, to a complete virtual reality experience; what began as a smattering of ideas became a unified design that reflects the heart of Hale’s Jewelers.

Every single customer is important to Hale’s Jewelers and it was evident that one of the primary goals of the project was to make each customer feel the reality of this. DP3 Architects worked to create a memorable, inspiring experience for each person that walks through the door. This involved developing innovative design without sacrificing function. Because of Hale’s extensive in-house production, repair, and customizing options; the firm created spaces that would enhance efficiency and optimize operations.

These functional aspects of the design were made more complex with the inclusion of each of the vendors and brands that Hale’s Jewelers sells. DP3 Architects worked with each vendor to ensure their unique finishes, display cases, and features were utilized while also creating a cohesive customer experience for Hale’s.

No detail was forgotten or left to chance. An example of this can be seen in the larger-than-life sculptural light fixtures in the center of the space. Originally a specified fixture fabricated in another country with a hefty price tag to boot, this “jewelry” of the sales floor became a unique opportunity for Hale’s to partner with a local company. DP3 Architects and The Heirloom Companies worked together to create a new design, getting creative with materials and methods to complete the massive sculptural art that takes Hale’s space to the next level.

When DP3 Architects first showed Lee the design concept, he spent a few minutes taking it in, and then said “Well, I never would’ve come up with this in a million years, but I love it!” The architecture of Hale’s Jewelers new flagship store reflects the gesture of opening a jewelry box, with its soaring roof forms and the reveal of the treasure inside through the transparency of its walls. For DP3 Architects, their treasure lies in the delight and satisfaction of having a client say with sincerity, “I love it!”

DP3 Architects

DP3 Architects, established in 1984 and headquartered in the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina, is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in hospitality, higher education, and community projects. DP3 Architects designs projects that invite, inspire, and invigorate the people that work, live, and play in the spaces we create.

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