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Chamber takes a stand against Senate

South Carolina’s legislators appear determined to irreparably damage the pro-business climate we have so steadily built over the past several decades. Next week, the Senate will take up H. 3126 – a bill that will impede YOUR ability to make decisions about YOUR business. This latest effort to stifle your ability to make decisions based on the best needs of your business would impose a surcharge equal to TEN TIMES the normal unemployment tax rate if you take necessary actions to protect your employees and your business. This latest government overreach would increase the cost of doing business in our state. Most importantly it represents an infringement on your employer rights, as the success of your business is inextricably tied to your ability to make key decisions on the health and safety of your employees and customers. Employers must be afforded every ethical, fair and legal opportunity to make important business decisions.

Rather than dragging businesses into today’s culture wars and seeking ways to stifle business and economic growth, the Greenville Chamber encourages our state legislative leaders to shift their focus to promoting business growth and further positioning South Carolina for long-term economic prosperity by enacting critical tax reforms, overhauling the state’s public employee pension system, developing a plan for pragmatic investments of the ARPA funds, and implementing measures to attract, retain and prepare a workforce prepared for 21st century career opportunities.

Charging businesses exorbitant taxes and assessing excessive surcharges does nothing to advance South Carolina businesses. Call your Senators and let him know that you agree with the Greenville Chamber position and encourage them to Focus on our state’s prosperity!

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