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Alice Company reinvents itself for next century

Fifth-generation of leadership drives new business while keeping Alice Company firmly rooted in serving the community, partnering with entrepreneurs, and building value

GREENVILLE, SC – Entering its second century of business, Alice Manufacturing Company has transformed into Alice Company, a Greenville-based diversified firm that partners with innovative companies across the nation.

The company is led by President and CEO E. Smyth McKissick IV, who returned to the business started by his great-great-grandfather after earning his MBA from Columbia Business School and working at the world’s top management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. McKissick also has an undergraduate degree in finance and economics from the University of Georgia.

“I am honored and humbled to take over as the fifth-generation leader at Alice,” he said. “Although our history spans nearly a century, I feel like I am taking the reins of a very young business. We are hungry and we are excited to hunt for opportunity to drive the mutual success of our company and partners.”

His father, E. Smyth McKissick III, continues as chairman of the board. The company’s chief financial officer, Robert Thomas, a 19-year veteran of Alice Company, plays an active role in identifying and vetting investment opportunities in real estate and private equity.

As it has throughout its nearly 100 years in the textile manufacturing industry, the company continues to seek new opportunities while maintaining its commitment to serving communities in which it operates.

“We cherish Alice’s history, which illustrates an amazing story of the dedication of the fine people in Pickens County who worked tirelessly to ensure we produced the highest quality product,” said the senior McKissick. “Our business is completely different today. But like my father and those who came before him, we keep our focus on opportunities and continually ask ourselves how we can build relationships with great people and enrich local communities.”

McKissick said he is committed to maintaining Alice Company’s values to:

  • Build on nearly a century of excellence, integrity, and passion for our community

  • Empower entrepreneurs to reach their potential

  • Deliver unique value to the company’s partners and co-investors

  • Serve the communities where the company operates

  • Foster a culture of innovation and success where people can create, achieve and grow

“Smyth is doing a masterful job leading Alice Company,” the elder McKissick said of his son. “His hard work and vision are invaluable assets to our team, and he makes me very proud.”


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