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Southern Management Corporation relaunches as Heights Finance

GREENVILLE, SC – Southern Management Corporation (SMC) will change its name to Heights Finance effective immediately. The rebrand comes as a result of an increase in the company’s geographic footprint, which now includes much of the Southeastern and Midwestern United States.

The rebrand will also afford the company an opportunity to relaunch its services and target a broader range of consumers, offering a more comprehensive suite of financial products and solutions. Heights Finance will continue to invest heavily in upgrading its online presence, while enhancing the exceptional personalized service for which each of its legacy brands is known. These legacy brands include, Southern Finance, Quick Credit and Heights Finance. SMC acquired the original Heights Finance, previously based in Peoria, Ill. in December of 2019. Since that time, SMC and Heights have been working together to operate as a single, best-in-class consumer lender. Under the unified Heights Finance brand, the company and its more than 1300 team members will serve customers across 11 states through more than 400 local neighborhood branches, creating greater opportunities for both customers and employees. About Heights Finance Based in Greenville, S.C., with offices and branch locations in the states of Ala., Ga., Texas, Okla., S.C., Wis., Ill., Mo., Ind., Ky. and Tenn., Heights Finance offers short- and long-term personal loans designed to help hardworking Americans get the money they need quickly. The company is a proud member of the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) and currently has a 4.9 Trustpilot customer rating.


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