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South Carolina-based TechStyles mixes textile roots with revolutionary ideas

Leveraging decades of manufacturing experience, TechStyles is launching as a reimagined form of textiles that is creating new product solutions that are meeting the demands of an evolving industry.

TechStyles is a division of South Carolina-based AFF| group, which has been a manufacturing leader for more than 30 years. TechStyles is taking the expertise and skills of AFF|group and opening up new verticals, said Ben Leinster, CEO of AFF|group, the parent company of TechStyles.

The company has launched several new products with the first being the Foundation Collection and TechArt. These products were developed to provide solutions to current challenges facing the industry such as rising costs, longer lead times, higher minimums, product availability and inconsistent quality.

A completely in stock coated fabric upholstery line, the Foundation Collection consists of high-quality vinyl upholstery fabric with six performance lines offering 168 colors and a wide variety of textures and designs for many different applications, said Chris Collins, Managing Director of TechStyles. It is competitively priced, customizable and ready to ship.

TechArt offers digitally printed coated fabric that can be ordered online through an easy-to-use storefront. This unique and revolutionary offering combines emerging technology with invigorating style. Customers can choose from developed designs or upload their own image for printing. The UV printing process combined with permeable fabrics ensures adhesion and durability, while offering vibrant color and design options.

“At TechStyles, you get the perfect mix of experience and innovation. We believe in transforming life experiences through technology and design. As an international manufacturer and supplier of coated fabrics serving more than 50 countries, we are making a concerted effort to serve the American market including hospitality, furniture, office, restaurant, healthcare, marine and transportation industries,” Collins said.

Collins said the goal is to merge technology, design, and service together to utilize them in unique ways that seek to revolutionize the coated fabrics industry, through sales and operational excellence, fulfillment and production expertise, lower lead times and customization.

“This is a testament to our aspiring mission,” Collins said. “It’s textiles. Reimagined.”

About TechStyles:

TechStyles is an international manufacturer and supplier of performance fabrics. TechStyles brings together the best in design with the best in manufacturing to serve multiple markets including hospitality, residential, office, healthcare, marine and transportation. Learn more at


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