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IoT Reference Platform Solves Common Engineering Roadblocks

Cary, NC (September 13, 2021) – Three leaders in IoT design and solutions have come together to deliver an all -in-one, comprehensive IoT Reference Platform.

Internet of Things (IoT) design engineering firm, Connected Development, partnered with cloud-based IoT solutions firm, Kopis, and cellular connectivity and subscription platform, Zipit, on this platform that is aimed to help customers with size, power, and cost constrained IoT applications accelerate time to market.

The feature-rich IoT Reference Platform offers pre-certified, detailed schematics, including Silicon Labs’ BG21Bluetooth System on Chip (SoC); Telit’s ME310 LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT cellular modem (AT&T and Verizon); and an array of proven and pre-tested cloud service SDKs, drivers, and sensors.

This powerful combination of pre-tested hardware and software building blocks allows customers to rapidly prototype their unique application, while benefitting from a cost-effective and seamless transition to volume manufacturing.

“With an engineering team averaging 25 years of experience in the industry, we understand the pain points of IoT product development,” said Gregor Bleimann, VP and General Manager at Connected Development. “We created the blueprints, initiated the testing, and integrated the leading software to help developers take off on the ground running.”

The customizable IoT design platform is an ultra-low-power consumption design–offering integrated security features and extensive cellular connectivity for applications like industrial IoT, asset tracking, sensor monitoring and reporting, remote asset control, motion detection and reporting, and battery-operated IoT devices.

“The Kopis IoT platform has been strategically designed to streamline and automate common IoT processes,” said Andrew Kurtz, President & CEO at Kopis. “We are pleased to partner with industry leaders like Connected Development and Zipit to broaden the possibilities of our offering and allow developers to focus their time on what matters most–their application.”

“The IoT Reference Platform isn’t just another development starter kit,” said Frank Greer, CEO & Co-Founder at Zipit. “We’ve brought together three experienced powerhouses in IoT to eliminate the obstacles that prevent developers from delivering solutions that are market ready. The Zipit team is proud to offer our cellular connectivity and subscription services to provide for a seamless deployment.”

The IoT Reference Platform is available now and can be customized to meet the form factor, sensor needs, and more, of diverse applications. Learn more by visiting:

For additional information:

Britany Ochalek

Marketing Manager - Kopis

About Connected Development

Led by a team of well-known and respected experts in wireless, M2M and IoT, Connected Development provides the most comprehensive set of services on the market to bring products from concept to reality quickly and painlessly. Further, their network of partners, spanning every aspect of the wireless community, let Connected Development position customer solutions for success from the start. For more information, visit

About Kopis

Kopis is a Greenville, S.C.-based technology firm focused on providing high impact software and cloud solutions to businesses and state agencies in the Southeast. With a growing team of over 50 employees, Kopis is one of the fastest growing software companies in South Carolina. Kopis is the 2020 Greenville Chamber Small Business of the Year. For more information, please visit

About Zipit

Zipit is a leading Internet of Things platform company, delivering trusted tools that reduce time to market for connected devices and digital services. Zipit's platform removes the complexities of connecting devices to wireless carriers, as well as enabling and managing subscription services - making it easier to launch and monetize IoT solutions anywhere in the world. To learn how Zipit can help your business, visit:

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