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Karin Freeland now offering group coaching programs

Updated: Feb 9

GREENVILLE – S.C. – Karin Freeland, a best-selling author and life coach, is now offering group coaching programs for women who are struggling with burnout and balance.

A recent Pew Research Center study showed that 46% of American workers don’t use their full paid time off, vacation days and sick leave each year. The study also found that women are more likely than men to say that feeling badly about co-workers taking on additional work is a reason they take less time off than offered (48% vs. 39%). Women ages 18 to 49 are especially likely to say this, compared with men of the same age group (53% vs. 43%).

“The numbers should be startling and show how women are struggling in the workplace, and how to manage their careers and home life,” Freeland said. “However, I have been seeing this with more clients recently. A large portion of my clients come to me with symptoms of burnout, like fatigue, change in sleep patterns, and feelings of cynicism and detachment.”

That is why Freeland is now offering group coaching sessions called Success without Sacrifice.

Participants in Success without Sacrifice will learn a proven framework for achieving career success without sacrificing time with family, health and well-being, or self-care.   

Highlights of Success without Sacrifice include:

·         Learn how to set boundaries at home and work to experience more balance in your life. 

·         Conduct a values assessment so a person can align their goals and actions to those values.

·         Outline personal and professional goals and craft an action plan to advance them within 90 days. 

·         Avoiding distractions and making time for the things that matter most improving your time management. 

Clients receive group coaching every other week with Freeland and a group of women at similar stages of their career. The experience is highly motivating, inspiring and supportive - making everyone more likely to succeed. 

“Women will learn my proven process to help them stop the work-life juggling act and gain control, so they can be their healthiest, balanced, most present version of themselves in just 10 sessions,” Freeland said. “Once completed, they're recommitted to their work, enjoying life and feeling in control of their time.”

About Karin Freeland:

Karin Freeland is a certified Life Reinvention Coach focused on helping women transform their lives and achieve their dreams by using the lessons she learned in her 15 years in the corporate sector.  She is an award-winning author of two books. Learn more about her and her company Karin Freeland Coaching & Consulting, LLC at


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