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Greenville-based Logicle Analytic scores an IOT win.

Charleston-based BrightMa Farms and Greenville-based Logicle Analytics have announced a partnership to develop an integrated IoT solution for plant growth and disease monitoring.

The product, known as Sproutrix, is a solution based on sensors, drone surveillance, and artificial intelligence. After developing a proof-of-concept prototype and publishing the research, Logicle Analytics founder Jonathan Fowler has most recently applied for a USDA SBIR Phase I grant to move into commercialization and feasibility. Part of this phase involves scaling the proof-of-concept into a pilot study, which requires a greenhouse to test at scale. BrightMa Farms will serve as the pilot site and provide the necessary space, infrastructure, and on-site support to move the project forward.

In addition to the new pilot study, BrightMa Farms has partnered with regional HBCUs for agricultural education and innovation that will allow Logicle Analytics to expand its research footprint outside of SC. BrightMa hosted Logicle, SC State University, Tuskegee University, Ponix, MPGConsulting, and GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures for the 2022 AgTech Summit in Charleston, SC.

Harold Singletary, CEO and Founder of BrightMa Farms from the start has been committed to partnering with AgTech companies, government agencies, Fortune 500 Brands, and Universities to create real-world experiences to assist in the development of the next leaders of innovation by creating sustainable agriculture and technology within underserved communities through hands-on learning, community engagement and a strong commitment to entrepreneurship. BrightMa Farms brings together advocates for wellness, science enthusiasts, and innovators with a deep-rooted respect for nature — and believe in its ability to bring us back to balance.

BrightMa Farms is a vertically integrated minority business enterprise and veteran-managed hemp group with corporate offices in Charleston SC. BrightMa is setting a global footprint that will champion a SC circular economy and pave the way nationally with economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment. Singletary calls this the triple bottom line (People-Planet-Profit). This transformative model is based on the principles of integrity, transparency, compliance, and social/environmental sustainability. “In order for this circular economy to thrive,” says Singletary, “a systemic change has to happen, we need to increase and accelerate our efforts to develop common visions, contextual understanding and motivational experiences, building knowledge and spurring cooperation.” BrightMa Farms and its strategic partners goal is to simplify the complex and make it accessible, desirable, tangible and applicable.


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