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Five Things we would Change About Greenville

Greenville is an amazing town—just about everyone that comes here loves it and has positive feedback! But..there can always be some fun changes and improvements, even if it is something little! We have a few suggestions as to how to make Greenville the best city it could be.

  1. Free Ice Cream Fridays. After all, who doesn’t like ice cream? Greenville has dozens of ice cream shops scattered around the city, a large portion of which being local businesses. To draw attention to these local places, the city could sponsor Free Ice Cream Fridays through the summer to give residents and tourists a chance to cool down and explore the unique ice cream places Greenville has to offer.

  2. Starry Nights on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a great peak into the natural scenery Greenville offers. That’s why we think they should hold Starry Nights on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. People can bring blankets and look at the stars. This would also be a great way for people to be able to see unique events, like meteor showers, or find certain constellations.

  3. Water events on the Reedy. Look up a picture of Greenville and the first thing you’ll see on Google Images is the Reedy River. With it being so important to the city, we think it should be taken to the next level and used to incorporate water events, whether that be a wave pool or days that people are allowed to kayak down the river.

  4. Live Music weekends at a new concert/event venue. The Bon Secours Wellness Arena is, no doubt, a great venue. However, between the large-scale venues of Charlotte and Atlanta, Greenville doesn’t necessarily pull in big names in music like other cities do. We think Greenville could be transformed into a regular tour stop for big artists; the city just needs a bigger venue. If there’s a slow weekend, the venue could be used to showcase local artists for a Live Music Weekend.

  5. New shopping in the city. Greenville has plenty of cute boutiques all over the city, but it’s lacking bigger stores, like Urban Outfitters or H&M. Pulling in larger stores such as these could draw more people out on the weekends.

Greenville is already great, but these five suggestions could make it even better! Not only do these ideas add more activities to the city, but they add more opportunities for the community to connect with each other.

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