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EPIC and WellSpent Southeast announces date for July conference

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The Employer Provider Interface Council will hold its third WellSpent-Southeast virtual meeting on July 20, 2021 -- bringing together business, economic development and health care professionals to discuss ways to improve health status, the health of businesses and the linkage with other drivers of economic growth.

Government leadership and professionals from many business industries including healthcare will convene to learn more about these issues and to participate in the on-going discussion which can help drive meaningful change in the marketplace and the communities of the Southeastern part of the country. To register, go to

During the virtual meeting, participants will hear from employers, healthcare professionals and economic professionals from across the Southeast on how they are addressing the issues and leading the charge to advance value-based healthcare.

State-specific conversations are intended to bring together key stakeholders within the state to discuss key metrics that help drive change in the marketplace by all three (employers-healthcare-economic development) stakeholders working together on collaborative goals.

About WellSpent Southeast:

WellSpent Southeast is about linking business and healthcare within the Southeast region of the country for the purpose of sharing similar issues and experiences around health care trends, problems, and solutions. Exciting new and established healthcare related innovations or economic development efforts are important to improving along with increasing real-world solution opportunities desired by the business community leaders of each Southeastern state. Learn more at

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