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DP3 announces new studio leaders

DP3 Architects has named Rhonda White, Kunal Patel, and Mike Zibert associates of the firm.

In addition, Patel and Zibert will be taking on new leadership roles as studio leaders.

Brian Thomas, Principal at DP3 Architects, said, “Rhonda, Mike, and Kunal are perfect examples of defining your own path within the firm. They earn the respect of their fellow team members each day by how they mentor young professionals, respond to our clients, and embody our core values of people, places, and purpose. They could not be more deserving of their new roles in the firm, and we are very lucky that they are part of our family.”

DP3 Architects looks forward to seeing White , Patel, and Zibert continue to grow in the profession and is confident that they will excel in their new roles.

Rhonda L.H. White has been an integral part of DP3 Architects for over 25 years and has worked on significant higher education, community, and hospitality projects including the Music Building addition at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities and the Legacy Square Office Building. As an associate for the firm, she will help shape the company culture and work to mentor young professionals.

Michael D. Zibert, AIA will lead one of the firms Hospitality Studios. Hehas been with DP3 Architects for over 5 years and has served as a Design Team Leader for many of our hospitality projects. During this time, he has built strong relationships with DP3 Architect’s national and regional clients. Zibert’s projects include Mastro’s Steakhouse locations throughout the country and assisting local developers deliver shell buildings for Starbucks. He has played a key role in the success of the hospitality studio, and we look forward to his contribution to this leadership position.

Kunal T. Patel, AIA will lead the firm’s higher education studio. Patel has been with the firm for nearly 5 years and has extensive experience in higher education and community projects. As the Higher Education Studio Leader, he and his team will be creating educational environments that promote learning and inspire creativity. Patel has consistently shown leadership qualities and treats every client, project, and team member with care.

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