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10 Greenville companies make Top 25 List

The annual 25 Fastest Growing Companies in South Carolina list came out today. As usual, Greenville has a fairly high number of businesses on the list with 10. With the rankings not coming out for a few more weeks, here are the 10 companies in no particular order:

RealOp Investments                            Greenville (real estate investing)

Sunny Days Entertainment                 Simpsonville (Toy company)

Kopis                                                  Greenville (software developer)

Langston Construction Co.                Piedmont (Construction)

Lima One Capital                               Greenville (Mortgage lender)

Logisticus Group                                Greenville (supply chain management)

Perceptive Recruiting                         Travelers Rest (recruiting)

Plus-Plus USA                                     Greenville (toy maker)

Intellectual Capitol                            Greenville (software firm)

Clear Touch                                      Greenville (education tech firm)

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